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Plant Molecular Biology

Our central research theme is the molecular dissection of photosynthesis and of its interdependence of, and integration into, other cellular processes - within and outside chloroplasts. Photosynthesis-relevant cellular functions and their regulation within the organelle and in cross-talk to the nucleus are characterised by a combined approach, complementing genetic, biochemical, physiological and molecular-biological methodology with system biology approaches. The plastid-wide characterization of protein functions, in particular for photosynthesis, and of networks imposed on their regulation, will result into the redesign of the photosynthetic process by synthetic biology and experimental evolution.





We study the regulation, biogenesis and cofactors of the photosynthetic complexes





kamera "Short movie on photosynthesis and how to improve it (in German)"

Plastid signalling

plastidWe analyse how plastids signals allow to dynamically modulate cellular activities during acclimation

Plant acclimation

trrIn the TRR 175 consortium, researchers from Munich, Berlin, Kaiserslautern and Golm study plant acclimation with the ultimate aim to enhance this process

Photosystems as blueprints for and components of new nanomachines

journalLearning from nature to design novel devices with enhanced energy conversion



Enhancing photosynthesis by synthetic biology and adaptive evolution

Enhancing photosynthesis by synthetic biology and adapitve evolution: PhotoRedesign

1200px-European_Research_Council_logo.svg           photoredesign